It’s time for an update, people! The last time I posted about my skincare regime was back in April last year so it’s been a year since and things have changed. I was using mostly Hada Labo es (for sensitive skin) to improve the moisture levels of my dehydrated skin and the products have worked […]


Some time late last year, Hada Labo released a bunch of skincare under the ES series meant for sensitive skin and I have been using several products for quite a few months now. The original line of products, the one made famous by promising ladies bouncy, bouncy skin, wasn’t suitable for me and I have […]


You know, I am not getting any younger. It’s a sad fact and something that I cannot get away from. I don’t really use many anti-ageing products as most of my skincare is geared towards hydration more than anything else. And I honestly believe the best anti-ageing product one can have is a good sunscreen. […]


I am starting to revisit Japanese skincare brands. You see, I go through phases and one of them is switching between Western and Japanese lines. Of course I use a combination of both at any one time but I do have “moods” and right now, I am loving Japanese skincare again. Anyway, one of my […]


Hello, lovelies! Kiehl’s Malaysia is currently running a fantastic campaign promoting their Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. I recently received a bottle to try and have been using it for one week. So far, so good! I’m already a fan of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate and when combined with the Clearly Corrective Solution, it’s pretty […]