The last time I went completely bonkers over a lipstick release was due to Revlon. Do you remember the Lip Butters and how the world went little nuts? Well, Revlon has done it again! They recently brought in the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains to Malaysia and they seem to be equally popular these days, […]


For as long as I can remember, I have been suffering from dry and chapped lips, which I’m sure is a common malady for most of us. Over the years, I have tried many different lip balms and treatments, some expensive and some affordable. Most of them didn’t work and ended up being a complete […]


I certainly hope y’all have had a good 2011 and are looking forward to a more fabulous year ahead I have been meaning to order these Sugar Lip Treatments for a number of years now but never really got around to it. However our local Sephora has brought Fresh in, I’m not sure when but […]


In the past month, I have been asking for these Chubby Sticks at a Clinique counter and they were always out of stock. When the SA called me last Thursday to inform me that they finally have them available, I immediately booked two and picked them up after work on Friday evening. The reason why […]


Happy Lunar New Year! I really hope all those who celebrate had or are still having a wonderful time this festive season. For me, it's been a rather hectic week since last Thursday. Also, the weather has become very hot and dry, which was expected since it tends to get this way during this time […]

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