I have not been paying much attention to the beauty world until recently. Sure, I've bought skincare and the occasional limited edition eye palette but other than that, I have not been keeping up. Well, I popped by Watson's at The Pavilion a couple of weeks ago and was quite surprised that they now carry […]


Although I quite liked the Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation, it started getting cakey, especially between my eyebrows and below my nose. At first I thought it was caused by the residue on the sponge applicator but even after changing to a new one, the foundation still caked and would literally slide around […]


I have had a really stressful week and am so glad that it's over. It was so stressful that a huge and really painful zit appeared on my forehead Good thing we have makeup to help conceal some imperfections. Anyhoo, I am still completely bonkers over Paul & Joe. I was previously mostly looking at […]