I have seriously given up on expensive eyeliners because I have had so much luck with the drugstore variety. Why plonk down wads of cash for a highend brand when you can get equally good, if not better products from the drugstore? The Essence Gel Eyeliner in Midnight in Paris was such a purchase and […]


It’s no secret that I have an absolute adoration for seasonal makeup offerings, especially of the limited kind. Dior’s holiday collections are usually rather exceptional and beautiful to behold. The star product of this year’s collection comes to us in a shiny, golden compact. The Grand Bal Carnet de Maquillage palette was apparently inspired by […]


One of my favourite high-street guilty pleasures is Topshop Makeup. I first discovered them early last year and at that time, they only had the makeup line available at the KLCC Topshop store. They have recently expanded to carry their makeup range in more Topshop stores. Some time mid of last year, I picked up […]


Electro and Nano… both names sound rather superhero-ish. I must have X-Men on my brain because I just watched the movie last night. It was my first movie at the cinema this year and I’m glad le hubby dragged me to it because X-Men rocks! Anyway, back to the beauty segment. I was completely hopeless […]


I am so freakin' excited that I just had to take photos and blog about this. You see, I am absolutely useless at applying eye liners, even pencils which are supposed to be the easiest. I purchased Maybelline's gel liner last year after reading a number of good reviews because I've always loved the winged […]