Limited Edition

When I first saw the promotional pictures popping up here and there, I knew that the Chanel Harmonie du Soir will find its way home to me. Can I just say that this eyeshadow quad is absolutely beautiful? Just beautiful! The Harmonie du Soir palette is in the same Regard Signe design and formula as […]


After spending quite some time fawning over the Guerlain Perles du Dragon Meteorites, I think it’s about time to showcase another gem from their latest Liu collection for Holiday 2012. Meet Lou-Ling, people. Guerlain has been feeling the Oriental love this season and have dressed the collection with a generous dose of golds and reds. […]


I was going through my blog archives the other day and realised I have not done a nail post in a while. So today, I’m sharing a nail polish that I’ve been longing for since I started seeing it popping up on beauty blogs some time ago. I was just waiting for Chanel to bring […]


I think most of us will agree that Dior’s Grand Bal collection is absolutely beautiful this season. Together with this collection, Dior released two lovely eyeshadow quints and today, we will be looking at Fairy Golds. Shiny golds seem to be really trendy this fall and I have been rather drawn to it. Strangely enough, […]


In the past year, I’ve been consistently looking forward to Guerlain’s seasonal collections, mainly because of the limited edition Meteorites releases. Thanks to my biggest beauty enabler, Paris B, I now actually have a collection of sparkly powders and need to move them into their own drawer. This holiday season, Guerlain brings us a beautiful […]