I think most of us will agree that Dior’s Grand Bal collection is absolutely beautiful this season. Together with this collection, Dior released two lovely eyeshadow quints and today, we will be looking at Fairy Golds. Shiny golds seem to be really trendy this fall and I have been rather drawn to it. Strangely enough, […]


In the past year, I’ve been consistently looking forward to Guerlain’s seasonal collections, mainly because of the limited edition Meteorites releases. Thanks to my biggest beauty enabler, Paris B, I now actually have a collection of sparkly powders and need to move them into their own drawer. This holiday season, Guerlain brings us a beautiful […]


It’s no secret that I have an absolute adoration for seasonal makeup offerings, especially of the limited kind. Dior’s holiday collections are usually rather exceptional and beautiful to behold. The star product of this year’s collection comes to us in a shiny, golden compact. The Grand Bal Carnet de Maquillage palette was apparently inspired by […]


I have been on a rather crazy Lunasol / Kanebo spree lately and one of the items I picked up recently was the 2011 Tender Glow Party Coffret Collection. There was only one set left at my nearest Kanebo counter and I just had to snap it up quickly!


It has been quite a year for Chanel collections and the Fall release for 2011, Illusions d’Ombres de Chanel has been exceptionally beautiful. I hope it’s not too late to feature two of the nail polishes I recently got from this collection since Chanel has already moved on to Holiday 2011. Chanel launched three nail […]