Ahhh… how much more of the “nakedness” can we take? It seems that the neutral makeup trend is not going to stop anytime soon so I might as well just run with it. I am a huge fan of Urban Decay’s Naked eye makeup range and I naturally had to pick up the Basics palette […]


Urban Decay has been enjoying a lot of success coining the word “Naked” and stamping it on almost every bestseller they have released. It all started with the much publicized Naked (original) eye palette and they have since come up with quite a few palettes with the latest installment being Naked 3. They have also […]


I have been doing a bunch of lips-of-the-day on Instagram in the last few weeks and noticed that most of the colours I’ve worn were relatively neutral and work-friendly. In other words, they were kinda safe. I went through my lipstick stash looking for something more dramatic and dug out the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick […]


Last week, I posted a bunch of lips-of-the-day photos on Instagram (username: beautycabby) and noticed that I seem to have a number of fat lip crayons. I have no idea how I managed to collect such a variety but it did inspire today’s post. It started with Clinique’s Chubby Stick and then Revlon came to […]

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Hello all, I am back from Sydney and am getting into my regular blogging schedule. It is great to finally have proper internet connection again. The wi-fi service at my hotel was absolutely dismal and I could only get intermittent connection (if I was lucky). But I did manage to upload a few photos on […]