Paul & Joe

I am a huge fan of Paul & Joe and have to admit that it’s mostly because of their girly, vintage packaging. Good thing their products have generally worked out quite well on me because it would be silly to keep buying stuff from them just because they look nice. In a fairly recent haul, […]


You know, I do try to be a disciplined and savvy shopper. I really do. But more often than not, I am faced with a situation where I just cannot help myself. This was what happened when I spotted a new foundation by Paul & Joe during my holiday in Hong Kong a couple of […]


I have had a really stressful week and am so glad that it's over. It was so stressful that a huge and really painful zit appeared on my forehead Good thing we have makeup to help conceal some imperfections. Anyhoo, I am still completely bonkers over Paul & Joe. I was previously mostly looking at […]


a tale of two primers

by lyn on February 1, 2010 · 2 comments

in Base & Primers, Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe is making me go bananas! After coming home with a bunch of items last Friday, I went back to the counter on Sunday. I need to have every, single stonkin’ P&J product there is!!! I have huge regrets of passing them by for so many years. They had such pretty limited edition […]


shopping : paul & joe

by lyn on January 30, 2010 · 0 comments

in Paul & Joe

Paul & Joe has been one of those brands that I passed by many times but hardly ever looked. It’s not that I don’t love the girly packaging, in fact I am a huge fan of shabby chic and Paul & Joe products always look so sweet and a little bit vintage. It was the […]