The MAC Face and Body Foundation was something I’ve had on my to-try list for a long time but it wasn’t available in our local MAC stores until recently. I don’t usually step into a MAC store but when I saw this foundation on display, I knew I had to check it out.


MAC used to be a store that I would frequently visit many, many years ago. At that time, they were the only “pro” makeup store available in Malaysia and I was so enamoured with the variety of products and colours they offered. These days however, I don’t usually shop at MAC unless there is a […]


I don’t own many MAC blushes and the few that I have in my stash are from previous limited edition releases. I got them just because they seem to be a little more unique than most of their regular blush range. I also purchased them at the time of release so I can avoid having […]


I am so freakin' excited that I just had to take photos and blog about this. You see, I am absolutely useless at applying eye liners, even pencils which are supposed to be the easiest. I purchased Maybelline's gel liner last year after reading a number of good reviews because I've always loved the winged […]


On top of foundations, I'm always on a look out for a good primer. Not just for the face but also the eyes as my lids are really oily and any eyeshadow will crease within a matter of a couple of hours. I have a few eye bases and primers but they don't really work […]