I think most of us will agree that Dior’s Grand Bal collection is absolutely beautiful this season. Together with this collection, Dior released two lovely eyeshadow quints and today, we will be looking at Fairy Golds. Shiny golds seem to be really trendy this fall and I have been rather drawn to it. Strangely enough, […]


The past few months have been a complete blur to me and I have been missing out several seasonal makeup launches. Work has not slowed down and quite frankly, I do not see it settling in anytime soon. Sadly, you have to deal with fairly late posts such as this one. Back in August this […]


It’s no secret that I have an absolute adoration for seasonal makeup offerings, especially of the limited kind. Dior’s holiday collections are usually rather exceptional and beautiful to behold. The star product of this year’s collection comes to us in a shiny, golden compact. The Grand Bal Carnet de Maquillage palette was apparently inspired by […]


Dior is running a promotion for a private makeup coaching featuring Diorskin Nude. During this session, you will have one-to-one time with Dior’s senior makeup artist who will coach you on matters relating to makeup know-how, with special focus on Diorskin Nude foundation. The first 10 blog readers who purchase a fully redeemable RM250 voucher […]


This Autumn, Dior brings us an array of golds, browns, greens and bronzes inspired by the deep, earthy tones of the jungle with an aptly named collection called Golden Jungle. Now, I’m not quite the fan of the great tropical outdoors let alone forests or dank jungles, but I’ll play along with the latest Dior […]

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