I love scents. I may not blog about them often but I do love my fragrances and have pretty much been a perfume lover since I was a teen. From cheap and cheerful to expensive and niche, I have tried or at least sniffed quite a good array of scents over the years. However, I find […]


This is probably the sixth bottle I have used over the years. I’ve been a fan of the Ginger Essence ever since Origins first launched this spicy concoction back in 2000. I like herbal and spiced fragrances, and anything with ginger or nutmeg will definitely get my attention.


My middle sister has to be L’Occitane’s no. 1 Malaysian fan and she’d be extremely pleased to know that they now have a new limited edition range of bath and body care called Cherry Princess. If you’re a fan of L’Occitane Cherry Blossom fragrances and products, I’d recommend that you head down to your nearest […]


Lancôme introduces Trésor Midnight Rose as a youthful, new addition to the classic Trésor fragrance family, currently consisting of the Original Trésor and Trésor In Love. Taking inspiration from the streets of Paris at nightfall, Midnight Rose personifies a sense of playfulness and a certain joie de vivre from being young and in love.