Top Monthly Picks: April and May Favourites

by lyn on June 2, 2014 · 2 comments

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top monthly picks

I’ve been very quiet lately because of work and travel. I didn’t mean to not blog for so long but it’s been rather hectic and I haven’t really had time to sit down and think about what to write or photograph. I do have quite a few new things that I’d be sharing in the next posts but for now, let’s recap what I’ve been enjoying the last two months.

top monthly picks - philosophy kiss me tonight

I used Philosophy products many moons ago but they were not available locally until Sephora brought this brand in several months ago. The Kiss Me Tonight Intense Lip Therapy is a huge favourite at the moment. I’ve used this when I was in university but I cannot remember if they are actually the same product. I suffer from dry and sometimes cracked lips and this little pot has helped provide my lips much needed hydration and therapy. I apply it at night and wake up to soft, supply lips everytime. My lips are no longer as flaky as before. During my trip in Australia, I’ve been applying this lip balm quite religiously day and night and it has definitely helped keep my lips in good condition despite the cold, dry weather especially on The Great Ocean Road. It doesn’t add any noticeable colour or shine but it is not as “matte” as the Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm. It has a soothing minty chocolate scent that I don’t find to be intrusive. Love this stuff but I do wish it comes in a tube instead of a pot. Each pot costs RM55 and can be found in Sephora.

top monthly picks - kerastase initialiste

I have been rather obsessed with my hair ever since most of it got hacked off. I vowed to take better care of my hair and scalp now that the damaged, messy ends are gone.My scalp is sensitive and tends to get very itchy especially when I get stressed out or sweat excessively (e.g. after a good workout). This Kerastase Initialiste Advanced Hair and Scalp Concentrate is a serum to strengthen your hair providing it shine, softness and substance (their words, not mine). As my hair is in relatively good condition now, I mainly use this as a scalp therapy more than anything else. It feels soothing and I think it has helped reduce some flakiness. It comes with a pipette and I use about 3 pipettes full around my head, massage it in and blow-dry. Overall, I think it has worked quite well on me but I’m not sure of its claims to “transform your hair in 7 days”. Each 60ml bottle costs RM180 and can be found at most salons and hair care shops selling Kerastase.

top monthly picks - kerastase elixir ultime

I told you I have an obsession with hair at the moment and my third favourite is the Kerastase Elixir Ultime Rose Millenaire. I’ve used the original Elixir Ultime Oil (in a gold bottle) but I found it to be a bit heavy, maybe because I had long hair at that time. This version in the lilac bottle feels lighter and the consistency is runnier too. I apply this before blow-drying to help protect my hair and give it a bit of shine. I like the fact that it doesn’t weigh my hair down and yet leaves my hair soft and silky. There are multiple ways of using the Elixir Ultime oils and you can even use it as a pre-cleanse or leave-in treatment. I use quite a few Kerastase products (shampoos and conditioners included) and have pretty good results with almost all of them. The Elixir Ultime hair oils retail at around RM138 but I think you can sometimes find them discounted at hair care shops.

top monthly picks - origins high potency night a mins

I was not a fan of Origins facial skin care for a while but I came across the High Potency Night-a-Mins around end of April and was intrigued, mainly due to the price. It’s currently retailing at RM115 and I’m not sure if the price will remain. The consistency felt really nice when I tested it and the scent was a bit orangey due to the neroli oil with a hint of, I don’t know… spice? It does smell rather spa-like and I actually enjoy it. The texture is a cream-gel and it spreads very easily. It leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated. It also layers well with whatever serums or face oils I use. It mainly consists of minerals and various oil extracts but it does have silicones although they appear mostly towards the bottom of the ingredient list. I am so happy with this discovery and can see myself using up the entire pot.

top monthly picks - cnd solaroil

I’ve been neglecting my nails for a long time, mainly due to laziness. My cuticles are in a terrible condition so I dug out a huge bottle of CND SolarOil that I got last year and started dabbing it everywhere. It consists of a blend of essential oils and has a lovely Sweet Almond Oil scent. It can also act as a treatment to help dry nail polish quicker but I’ve never tried it that way yet. It is moisturizing and dries relatively fast. My cuticles and nail beds are looking a bit better these days. I apply it before bedtime because it does tend to leave your fingers oily. The downside is that it is pretty hard to come by locally. And I honestly cannot recall which nail salon I got it from or the price.

Can you believe we are in June already? Where did time go? I guess it’s true when they say time flies faster as you get older because I certainly feel as if half the year whizzed by so quickly that I barely caught up.

What have you been enjoying in the last couple of months? Do pop in for a chat and let me know what you’ve been raving about.

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Victoria June 19, 2014 at 3:40 PM

I am trying a sample of the Elixir Ultime Oil in a gold bottle and quite like it because according to my hairstylist, this one is the only oil that can be use for the fly away hair at the top of my head and not only use it for the ends of my hair. Not sure how true is her claim. I think there are 3-4 different types of Elixir Ultime Oil and it does seem a bit confusing to me. LOL. Like you, I love the Keratase range and have used or still using the shampoo, conditioner and serums. Currently using the Crystal range shampoo and conditioner (in pink) and it does make my hair smooth and silky.

I am currently on my second jar of the Origins Make A Difference Plus+ Rejuvenating Treatment as my day time moisturiser. Might give this a try since you said its good. For cuticle oil, you could also try OPI or the Sally Hansen ones as well as both are always highly raved.


lyn June 22, 2014 at 8:29 AM

Hi Victoria, The Kerastase oils are lovely and to be honest, I don’t really know the specific differences between all of them except the scent. But I noticed the original gold bottle was a little heavier in consistency.

I’ve tried the OPI cuticle oil before but I still prefer SolarOil. I am using the same Origins moisturiser you have for the day time and have to say I love it too. If you’ve used 2 jars of it, it must be pretty good :-)


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