November 2012

The past few months have been a complete blur to me and I have been missing out several seasonal makeup launches. Work has not slowed down and quite frankly, I do not see it settling in anytime soon. Sadly, you have to deal with fairly late posts such as this one. Back in August this […]


You know, I am not getting any younger. It’s a sad fact and something that I cannot get away from. I don’t really use many anti-ageing products as most of my skincare is geared towards hydration more than anything else. And I honestly believe the best anti-ageing product one can have is a good sunscreen. […]


In the past year, I’ve been consistently looking forward to Guerlain’s seasonal collections, mainly because of the limited edition Meteorites releases. Thanks to my biggest beauty enabler, Paris B, I now actually have a collection of sparkly powders and need to move them into their own drawer. This holiday season, Guerlain brings us a beautiful […]