Review of the Reformulated Clarins Whitening Velvet Emulsions

by lyn on March 19, 2012 · 11 comments

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clarins whitening emulsion

Sometime in December last year, a few beauty bloggers were invited to Clarins for a preview to experience their reformulated Whitening Velvet Emulsion range. These products were set to replace the older versions which were released back in 2010.

clarins whitening emulsion

The packaging is quite different from the previous versions as they come in taller glass bottles. They still share a similar minimalistic quality. The bottles may look elegant standing on your vanity table however they are not travel friendly because they are bulky and heavy. But I do like the fact that they come with pumps.

clarins whitening emulsion

The Whitening Velvet Emulsion without sunscreen protection is a slightly runny lotion but it absorbs fairly quickly, so I’m not particularly worried about the consistency. It does feel a little tacky at first but it goes away after 3 minutes or so. It helps my skin feel soft and smooth. At night, I usually apply this lotion topped up with another moisturiser as my skin is dehydrated and I need the extra moisture. It is recommended as both a day and night lotion and pairs very nicely with the Clarins UV Plus HP SPF40 sunscreen.

clarins whitening emulsion

The Whitening Velvet Emulsion with SPF20 seems to have a thicker consistency and absorbs quite quickly too. It may be a little shiny when first applied but leaves a matte finish when dried down. As I am paranoid about sun protection, I’ll usually apply a separate sunscreen with a higher SPF on top. But for those of you living in cooler climates who won’t require as much sun protection, this will be a nice enough daytime lotion on its own. It is not very moisturising so if you have drier skin, you may want to use a separate moisturiser beforehand.

A thing to note is that the one with SPF20 pills and sometimes quite badly too, depending on what you apply before or after. It can be a hassle to keep having to rub off what feels like flaky skin, especially when in a rush. This effect also happens when I’m applying another sunscreen on top but it does go away after allowing a bit of time for the product to absorb before moving on to makeup.

Both products contain a few key ingredients:

Sea Lily Extract – Controls extension of the dendrites by controlling the reactions of proteins that causes the extension of dendrites and encourages the retraction of the dendrites.
Alchemilla Extract – Slows the excessive transfer of melanin to epidermis.
• Raspberry Extract, Vitamin C derivative and Biotin (Vitamin B8) – Slows the synthesis of melanin.

I think these three ingredients contribute to slowing down the rate of pigmentation or sun spots from surfacing. The Velvet Emulsion with SPF20 has Meadowsweet Extract, which protects against shine and heat to help with smoother makeup application. It also contains UV Filters and White Tea Extract for extra protection against the sun and other environmental aggressors.

clarins whitening emulsion

One thing I’d recommend is to warm some product with both hands and gently pat all over the face to allow the product to absorb better. I find that the application feels less tacky this way. It is also a recommended method by Clarins.

clarins whitening emulsion

All in all, the White Velvet Emulsions are fairly decent products and I love the soothing, floral scent on both of them. I definitely prefer the reformulated version to its predecessor. But the pilling effect on the SPF20 is a turn-off and for that reason alone, I won’t be repurchasing when I run out. Yes, I am still using the product but around my neck and decollete, just not on my face anymore. I’m not sure if the problem is unique to me as I don’t see many people complaining about this. Or maybe, they are not as bothered by it as I am.

I have been using both products for more than two months and am happy to report that I have not suffered any adverse reactions although I tend to be a little sensitive to most whitening ranges. But I have not really witnessed any whitening effect either. To be fair though, whitening serums tend to work better because I believe the concentration of ingredients are a lot higher in serums than moisturisers or lotions.

Clarins Whitening Velvet Emulsion costs RM190 for the non-SPF version and RM210 for the one with SPF20. You can find them at most Clarins counters and boutiques. They both come in 75ml bottles, which is a pretty generous size.

Have you tried anything from the Clarins Whitening range before? Do share what you like or dislike about them and whether you have any favourites too.

The product without SPF was provided by brand PR for consideration.


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Paris B March 19, 2012 at 9:46 AM

I have the SPF20 one and I find the texture a little strange, like thick but yet runny. I don’t experience the pilling effect though and I do quite like this, although it takes a while to absorb. But I’m also using another device that deals with that problem so I have no complaints. As for the whitening/brightening effect, I see none but then I don’t know just how whiter/brighter my skin can become anymore LOL!
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lyn March 20, 2012 at 7:29 AM

You’re right, the texture of the SPF20 is a little strange and it’s a good thing it doesn’t pill on you. I’m not sure if it’s the combination of serum or moisturiser that makes it pill. I must find out what device you’re using!


Juan March 19, 2012 at 10:07 AM

Funny about the new formula is that it clogs my pores for the one with spf20. The old formula didn’t.
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lyn March 20, 2012 at 7:32 AM

I didn’t suffer clogged pores but I think the reformulated version is slightly thicker than the old one. It’s best to cleanse your face thoroughly when using products containing sunscreen as I tend to get bumps when I don’t.


Lily March 19, 2012 at 10:49 AM

I haven’t tried any skincare from Clarins before… except for the mineral sunscreen. Maybe, just maybe, after I’ve gone through all my unopened bottles, I’ll give it a try. I just never really remember this brand ;-P
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lyn March 20, 2012 at 7:34 AM

I used to be a Clarins skincare user but many of their products are very strongly scented and after a while, they got to me. Nowadays I definitely prefer unfragranced or “softly perfumed” products. Their mineral sunscreen is still one of the best out there though.


xin March 19, 2012 at 2:04 PM

i don’t experience any flakes using this, i agree that it feels very soft, and when my skin is very dry, this is not enough to keep my skin moisturized, have to top up extra hydrating serum or moisturizer. however, on the weekends, i can just use this alone, no problem ;)
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lyn March 20, 2012 at 7:36 AM

Oh, which version are you using? With or without SPF? I don’t have problems with the non-SPF one and actually quite like it. But it’s not moisturising enough on its own.


M July 11, 2014 at 2:47 PM

I’m using the new formula white plus brightening emulsion for 2014 and I get the “flaking” issue when I apply sunscreen over it. I using clarins UV plus sun screen and sometimes biore milk and I get this white rubbery residue which annoys me. It’s not our skin that’s peeling or flaking but it feels as though the moisturizer isn’t being absorbed but just on lying on the surface. I went over to claims counter to enquire but their told me it’s normal and that I have to apply the sunscreen slowly and gently which I did but the white rubbery residue still happens. It makes me feel as tho I’m rubbing off whatever I applied and it’s a waste of my money if that’s really the case. And I won’t be purchasing anymore when I’m done with them.


lyn July 12, 2014 at 9:47 AM

Hi M, It may be the silicones in the skincare products rubbing off over each other. It’s really annoying! And yeah, I do feel that the effort of applying products is wasted.


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