June 2011

When ParisB of My Women Stuff extended an invitation to attend a mini-blogger gathering organised by Lancome, I immediately jumped at the chance to say yes. It is always a pleasure to get together with like-minded people who share a common interest. ParisB (whom I've met before) and her lovely sister were there, along with […]


To avoid a mad rush in the mornings, I have tried to pare down my makeup routine to the basics. I tend to spend the longest time on my eyes and needed a routine that was quick yet effective. I have been practicing with eyeliners and am quite chuffed that I am getting better. Paul […]


Dolly Wink by Koji is a Japanese makeup brand that is known for its eyeliners and fake lashes. The Dolly Wink lineup is fronted by Tsubasa Masuwaka, a Japanese model and J-Pop singer. Quite honestly, I never knew who she was until I started doing a little digging into the Dolly Wink collection. She is […]


Electro and Nano… both names sound rather superhero-ish. I must have X-Men on my brain because I just watched the movie last night. It was my first movie at the cinema this year and I’m glad le hubby dragged me to it because X-Men rocks! Anyway, back to the beauty segment. I was completely hopeless […]


*** warning : this post is pic heavy *** * Inglot store entrance * A few weeks ago, ParisB informed me that Inglot was opening soon at Sunway Pyramid. Unlike her, I live close to Sunway so it’s not much of an issue for me to get there. Inglot Cosmetics is a Polish makeup brand I […]