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I had a list of BB creams to get in Hong Kong because there were a number of interesting products that can't be obtained locally. Instead, I only returned with one. I felt quite proud that I could exercise some restraint!
BRTC stands for Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics and it sounds like quite a scientific name. I have read quite a few good things about the Jasmine Water BB Cream and saw somewhere that BRTC products were available in Watson's. However, I think they have pulled out from our local market because I can't find them anywhere.

Product Description:
Jasmine Water BB Cream is a triple function cover cream. It provides good moisture, promotes skin elasticity and acts as an excellent coverage for skin imperfections for a radiant, fairer and natural complexion. This product has a beautiful and natural scent of jasmine.
Mine comes in a purple tube, although it has apparently been repackaged to a blue and white tube. There is 35g worth of product, which is a little more than other BB creams that usually contain around 30g.

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