April 2011

When I returned onto the beauty bandwagon a couple of years ago (yes, I went through a phase of not caring at one time), I started experimenting with mineral makeup. It was fairly new to me and I was so intrigued by this idea of "natural" makeup. Last year, I came across Lumiere Cosmetics at […]


I don't know why I keep buying foundations. It's like a terrible disease. I guess the hunt for the perfect base is a never-ending one. When Shiseido released a product called Perfect Refining Foundation, I just couldn't resist jumping on it. As mentioned in my previous post, my skin has been suffering from rather bad […]


My skin has gone nuts again. I had a reaction to a sheetmask I used on Monday evening and my face was bumpy, red, flaky and utterly disgusting for most of the week. To make matters worse, I had some bad food allergies about two weeks ago and a spate of spotty red rashes appeared across […]


I have never heard of Mika Ninagawa until the release of Shu Uemura’s sakura collection this year. She is a Japanese photographer / film director and has collaborated with Shu to bring us a really pretty springtime release. There are three UV Under Base Mousse in this collection, all in a special edition canister designed […]


Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

by lyn on April 3, 2011 · 1 comment

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When I heard Chanel was coming out with a glossier and more moisturising version of the fabulous Rouge Coco lipsticks, I really couldn't wait to try them out. Well, they are here on our local shores now! The colours are really pretty in this collection and there's nothing outrageous or fancy about them. Trust Chanel […]

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