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As I watch the news and tragedy unfolding in Japan, it saddens me deeply to think that the beautiful country and people are going through such devastation. My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy. Quite honestly, I was really hesitant about posting a product review and I had it planned for the weekend. I just hope it does not come across as insensitive or stupid.
There was a time in September last year when I switched my skincare to Clinique's Three Step System. You know, the one with cleanse, tone and moisturise using Clinique products to achieve that "perfect" skin. At that time, I was breaking out rather badly on my forehead and my youngest sis recommended I try their toner because it helped clear up her bad breakouts and she does have very nice skin today. So I bought the Three Step System and it helped for a while but it also dried my skin out because the toner had a rather high alcohol content.
Anyway, the past couple of weeks I have been using products to help get my skin moisture levels back up and it is starting to get much better. I also began using a few different BB creams again and this time, they mostly applied on my skin a lot smoother than before. BB creams used to enhance every flaky, dry bit on my face because they can't spread or absorb as easily on dehydrated skin.

I am a fan of Heroine Make mainly because of the packaging. They are so sweet and girlie that I can't help but fall for them based on looks alone. The good thing is, most of their products have worked out for me so far so I don't mind getting more.
Their BB cream is pretty good as well and I have read a few reviews on different blogs before purchasing one of my own.
What they say:

Kiss Me HEROINE MAKE Essence In BB Cream is a multi-functional base cream.

It provides 7 effects. It corrects erose pores, repairs, reduces dullness, acts as liquid foundation, protects against UV rays, relieves dry skin, and controls oil. It absorbs excess sebum and prevents make-up from coming off.

Containing super-hyaluronic acid and nano collagen, it allows you to retain skin’s moisture while applying make-up.

The SPF30 PA++ product protects against UV rays.

It does not contain perfumes or mineral oil. The natural skin colour is compatible with the skin of Japanese.

Okay, just bear in mind I took the description directly from Sasa, so don't mind the spelling and words too much. The last statement about the colour being compatible with "the skin of Japanese" basically means the BB cream comes in one shade only and is a light beige, which is probably suitable for those with NC 20 – 25 skintones.

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Reiko March 14, 2011 at 12:42 PM

I don't find it insensitive or stupid, so don't worry too much about it. Feeling so sad about all the loss in Japan.. :( The paddy fields, the historical sites… etc. *sob*Good review, makes me want to try out this item too!


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