Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Rouge – Pink and Pretty

by lyn on May 31, 2010 · 2 comments

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I have always been attracted to cutesy, girlie packaging and when I saw these lip glosses from Kiss Me (Japan), it was rather difficult to resist them. Kiss Me Heroine Make has a small but wonderful line of makeup and they are mostly known for their mascaras.

There are three shades available and they are all fairly sheer with a hint of golden shimmer. I did not get the first shade (01) as it was the lightest and contained the most shimmery bits. My lips are rather pigmented so anything too light will not show up on me.

The two shades shown here are in Berry Rose (03) and Apricot Rose (02).

The Liquid Rouge are described as a combination of lip gloss with lipstick but they lack the intensity of lipsticks.

Although they may look pigmented on the back of my hand, do bear in mind that I piled dollops of gloss on to get them to show. On my lips, they are very sheer and glossy without much colour at all. But I love the moisturising quality of these glosses and they feel really soft and buttery. They are not as sticky as most other glosses, which is a good thing because that’s one of the reasons why I stopped using lip gloss for some time. The foam tip applicator is quite flexible and easy to use too.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Rouge are available at Sasa boutiques and sold at RM39.90 each. Considering that each tube has 7g worth of product, I find the price to be reasonable.

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petmonkey June 3, 2010 at 1:45 PM

Lip gloss! Something I Do use :PApricot rose looks lovely~!Does it smell like it's called? :)Anyway, I was just reading the newspaper, and Burt's Bees had an ad! It may slowly get more popular here in Malaysia. Sadly, only one shop at The Curve. I want to check out their moisturizer :)


knitties June 3, 2010 at 2:52 PM

petmonkey : These glosses are fragrance free. I think they're opening a Burt's Bees in Mid-Valley soon. The next time you're in KL, we must go shopping!


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