March 2010

Since trying out the Loving Minerals Handy Kabuki, which was my first synthetic face brush, I was really liking how soft the bristles were and how lovely they felt on my face. In fact, I was so impressed with it that I ordered a few more synthetic brushes from for my new-found mineral makeup […]


There has been an explosion of mineral makeup in recent years. I have read about it quite some time back and even the mainstream cosmetic companies have jumped on the mineral bandwagon. Upon doing some research, I was surprised to find that brands like Dior and Laura Mercier had their own line of mineral makeup. […]


skin and caring

by lyn on March 4, 2010 · 4 comments

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(warning : long post ahead) Since I stopped using the L’Occitane sunscreen and the Paul & Joe Whitening Serum (which has alcohol listed as the second ingredient), the condition of my skin has improved a bit. It does not feel as parched as before. I never would have thought alcohol (especially if listed as the […]


I think the reason why I have been having so many makeup foundation woes is due to the L’Occitane sunscreen. Alcohol denat is listed as an ingredient. I believe it was drying my skin out, causing the t-zone to over-produce oil. It may not be the only culprit because there are other products in my […]