a tale of two primers

by lyn on February 1, 2010 · 2 comments

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Paul & Joe is making me go bananas! After coming home with a bunch of items last Friday, I went back to the counter on Sunday. I need to have every, single stonkin’ P&J product there is!!! I have huge regrets of passing them by for so many years. They had such pretty limited edition items before and I actually missed out on them. The only consolation for now is knowing that their Spring 2010 collection will be arriving soon.

After a rather terrible experience with the Clarins eyeshadow base, I decided I needed to get a proper eyeshadow primer and remembered seeing one on the P&J website. That was the main reason for stopping by their counter on Sunday but of course, I ended up coming home with a little bit more.

I wasn’t sure if I really needed a face primer as well and since they had one with UV protection, it’s probably like killing two birds with one stone. You will hear me say this a lot but I freakin’ love their packaging!

On the same Sunday evening, I was meeting a girlfriend for dinner and decided to do an experiment to see how both the primers will work out. The eyeshadows pretty much stayed intact after 4 hours, which was quite impressive because they usually would have creased rather badly by then. Also, my face would normally be lit up like a giant disco ball from the 70s and I believe the face primer helped control the oil secretion to some extent. My t-zone was still oily but not as much.

The next day, I used the same primers and the same eyeshadow palette to see how well they will hold up after a full day’s work. I still had to blot my face some time mid-day (I normally use about 3 or 4 blotting papers) but the powder foundation from the morning did not slide and budge as much. Although the eyeshadows did not crease, the colour intensity were definitely faded. The before and after photos were taken 8 hours apart.

I suppose I am quite satisfied with the results from these two primers. Not only did they enable makeup to go on more smoothly, the face primer offered sun protection up to SPF 40 PA++. Ideally, I would prefer something that can help mattify my skin more because my t-zone gets rather greasy even after a couple of hours.

I will be reviewing more of P&J in the coming months because I can definitely see myself going back again and again and again… :-)

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myCoffee February 4, 2010 at 7:28 AM

Hi! Nice blog! How much is the eye primer? I am also looking for a good eye primer and so far, heard of good stuffs about Urban Decay eye primer except of course, it's not available here yet. So you highly recommmed P&J's?


knitties February 4, 2010 at 10:23 AM

Hey, thanks for stopping by! The P&J eye primer is pretty good and I'm happy with it. My eyeshadows do last a lot longer without creasing and it enhances the colours as well. Very easy to spread and blend too. Think it was around RM80?


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